What we do

We invent and invest in public service ventures that tackle big social challenges where existing services are struggling and there are opportunities for change.


We look to partner with public services to invent ventures that solve real problems for people and communities, and lead to cost savings for those organisations.

Get in touch if:
You deliver local public services and are keen on exploring a partnership
You’re a philanthropist or private investor who wants to support us
You have an idea for a social venture but need a partner to get it running
You’re a frontline worker or anyone with the skills or experience to support our mission


We support public ventures as they develop by providing design skills, business expertise, our network and support around raising money.

Get in touch if:
You run a social venture and want support to improve or grow it
You have an idea for a social venture and need support getting started
You need access to our network to open some doors for your ideas
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Our approach

Just to be super clear – we’re not just doing improvement. We’re focused on radically better, cheaper public services. We build new, independent, modern, financially self-sustaining organisations with and for public organisations.

We'll create ventures that are designed from first principles
Facilitate community power and wealth-building
We create ventures that build on community strengths and enrich lives
Save costs of at least 20%
We create ventures that aim for cost savings of at least 20%
We create ventures that work across multiple geographic areas
Full stack
We create whole organisations focused on 21st Century citizen experiences
Foster public sector innovation
We create ventures that foster public entrepreneurs and innovative outcomes
Devolve power
We create ventures that partner with citizens as owners and beneficiaries
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